Why seasonal produce is best for you.

Nowadays we can buy fruit that is mostly seasonal (well, just like the majority of fruits) like blueberries all year round. But, is there any sense or doing that? Do these indoor grown fruits have any nutritional value at all? Or should we prefer eating seasonal produce? Let’s find out!

First of all, scientific research says that eating seasonal produce is SUSTAINABLE

It could reduce the environmental impact of the diet. Eat your local seasonal produce, you will contribute to the small businesses and farmers, you won’t support those big companies which happen to provide us with falsely ripe bananas.

Produce is full of nutrients.

Harvesting pumpkin in the middle of the summer wouldn’t do any good. Your seasonal stuff is being harvested at the peak of freshness and it doesn’t lose its important minerals and vitamins.

It’s cheaper!

Seasonal veggies and fruit are easier to produce, and often they are cheaper if they re in season. Autumn is here, apples are super cheap, so go, get some and make a pie.

Pest/Wax Free

Seasonal produce doesn’t have to be waxed because it is SEASONAL. Its fresh appearance doesn’t have to be maintained artificially. Of course, it’s not that easy to find even seasonal produce pest free. I recommend buying from well-known sources with a good reputation. Then, you really focus on supporting sustainable businesses and nourishing your body with the best food possible.

If you are London, Bath, or Bristol (UK) based I can wholeheartedly recommend Farmdrop. This isn’t a sponsored post, but being extremely happy with them I want to spread the message that supporting sustainable businesses is crucial to our environment and our health!

In other news, I made a smoothie bowl today, I used only seasonal things (well, not only, I used bananas as well, but nobody’s perfect :D). This is what I’ve put there:

  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Cinnamon
  • Anaise
  • Almond Milk
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Turmeric

The preparation was easy. Peel (or not), throw it into a blender and shake up a bit.  Coconut Bowls are just so perfect for it. Such a tiny bowl, I was surprised how much of a smoothie it fits. Here are some photos of my morning smoothie bowl:

IMG_7266Seasonal FruitIMG_7274Cinnamon sticksIMG_7276pumpkin seeds

Thanks for reading!

Sources for the sustainability bit:

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Coconut Bowls & 100% rye pastries. 

When I first saw coconut bowls I absolutely loved them, love at the first sight for sure. I was also hyped by all those smoothie bowls everywhere!

Of course is nothing wrong with a smoothie bowl but I think I started following a Social Media trend completely forgetting what I really like and what my true style is. Don’t get me wrong, smoothie bowls are brilliant and I do enjoy a lot of them, especially the green one with spinach! It’s just, they’re everywhere!

I live vegan lifestyle 80% of the day I think. Sometimes I enjoy pastries (wheat free of course) or cheese and eggs. So why not to share with you my non-vegan recipes! All my ingredients are organic, eggs from farms I know chickens have a normal life, same with cheese, only from locals!

Coconut bowls are not for a sole use for smoothie bowls in my opinion. They’re amazing for everything you want. Sustainable tableware which looks great, and is out of ordinary.

I decided to take some pictures featuring coconut bowl in a bit different way, in a style which I love the most. Majority call it a mystery light food photography. Call it any way you want, I call it rustic  😊

People may wonder why everyone is so hyped about coconut bowls? Some are hyped because these bowls are just adorable, aren’t they? But behind the cute coconut shell bowl is a bigger mission, sustainability. Every year millions of coconut shells are burned as waste, Coconut Bowls reclaim them and turn them into the food safe environmentally friendly products you can eat from!

I used my coconut bowl to put the cherries which I later used for my pastries. I think it looks as cool as a smoothie bowl ☺️

Recipe for pastries:

– 3,5 glasses of white rye flour

-200ml milk (I used almond milk)

-14g instant yeast

-2 eggs

-120g melted butter

-vanilla extract

-2/3 glass of sugar. I normally don’t use sugar but xylitol kills yeast so is not appropriate. Here I used Demerara and 65g of vanilla white sugar.

– cherries. I used preserved cherries, you can use fresh or frozen. Remember to unfreeze first, and get rid of the excess of water.



Declutter Your Life. Episode II: Books


Thursday means a new video!

Do you love books but you think they are actually a problem when it comes to space? Worry not, I am coming with a solution. I went through that, and now I understand that e-books are actually not that bad.

Stay Tuned and enjoy the video!

5 Simple Tips. Clutter free and Sustainable Life.

Good Morning!

Story Time!

I used to be a shopaholic. Since early childhood, I’ve been collecting everything you could possibly imagine: glass tiny figures, porcelain dolls, stamps, postcards, and funny pictures on my computers. (Anyone else saving memes?)

I was always against minimalism, my point was, hey how can a home be cosy without all the pretty things, decorative clocks, wooden cat figures and all that… Back in 2014 when I came to London and was sharing a house, I had just a room for myself and that’s when reality kicked in: all of my stuff started to devour my space. Trust me, it was so horrible, I couldn’t even take out a book from the shelve without something falling on my head… a wooden cat figure perhaps?

One thing I really had a soft spot for: were the charity shops. I used to go there at least twice a week buying whatever clothing I thought was nice. Of course, I wasn’t even wearing half of those things, because they were lost in the wardrobe with other pieces of clothing that I loved how they looked but never felt comfortable wearing them.

A year later, I moved to a bigger house, still sharing but wow – this time I had two rooms for myself! So much more space! Let’s go and buy those amazing homey shitty things from Primark to decor the place! And oh so perfect, I have bookshelves! Let’s go and buy a million books, they are so beautiful and I love reading. The cheap shopping binge had no end. Before long, the clutter strikes again.

Luckily for me, I discovered the power of minimalism thanks to YouTube and nonfiction books. Thank you, James Wallman and your Stuffocation for everything you did, and thank you to my stubborn fiancee for telling me we don’t need to go to Ikea for another set of things-that-vaguely-seem-useful.

Fast forward to now, and after a couple of books, ten thousand articles, million YouTube videos, one Minimalism documentary here I am, in a studio flat with a one wardrobe which I share with my fiancee, I have 5 pairs of shoes, and an empty shelving unit because there is quite a lot of space left. And it feels good. Oh, no wooden cats figures, either, no. Just one real cat which sits on the roof next to our window.

This is why I want to share with you those 5 simple tips, which helped me to be happier, and taught me how not to spend so much money, and how to be focused on important things instead of mindless consumption, and a constant depression because of lack of funds to afford things that are valuable – outings with the ones you care about, saving more money to feel more secure and what do you know – I feel amazing. The money I used to spend on designers clothes I can now allocate to buying things from sustainable brands, therefore supporting them and being more conscious.

I know it may sound a bit extreme, but I do not intend to preach – take what you like from this post and feel the difference. It took me two years to declutter my life and be more aware of the environment. Don’t rush. Breathe in, and out.

Minimalism and Sustainability




Man hands signing thumbs up reaching from a big pile of clothes




Blank stuff on white background. Template for design presentations. Branding Mock-Up. Shirt, sneakers, headphones, bottle.

Nobody’s perfect. I still need to declutter my skincare. If I come up with a plan I will definitely share it with you! Let me know about your minimalist story, or maybe you are a maximalist?