5 Simple Tips. Clutter free and Sustainable Life.

Good Morning!

Story Time!

I used to be a shopaholic. Since early childhood, I’ve been collecting everything you could possibly imagine: glass tiny figures, porcelain dolls, stamps, postcards, and funny pictures on my computers. (Anyone else saving memes?)

I was always against minimalism, my point was, hey how can a home be cosy without all the pretty things, decorative clocks, wooden cat figures and all that… Back in 2014 when I came to London and was sharing a house, I had just a room for myself and that’s when reality kicked in: all of my stuff started to devour my space. Trust me, it was so horrible, I couldn’t even take out a book from the shelve without something falling on my head… a wooden cat figure perhaps?

One thing I really had a soft spot for: were the charity shops. I used to go there at least twice a week buying whatever clothing I thought was nice. Of course, I wasn’t even wearing half of those things, because they were lost in the wardrobe with other pieces of clothing that I loved how they looked but never felt comfortable wearing them.

A year later, I moved to a bigger house, still sharing but wow – this time I had two rooms for myself! So much more space! Let’s go and buy those amazing homey shitty things from Primark to decor the place! And oh so perfect, I have bookshelves! Let’s go and buy a million books, they are so beautiful and I love reading. The cheap shopping binge had no end. Before long, the clutter strikes again.

Luckily for me, I discovered the power of minimalism thanks to YouTube and nonfiction books. Thank you, James Wallman and your Stuffocation for everything you did, and thank you to my stubborn fiancee for telling me we don’t need to go to Ikea for another set of things-that-vaguely-seem-useful.

Fast forward to now, and after a couple of books, ten thousand articles, million YouTube videos, one Minimalism documentary here I am, in a studio flat with a one wardrobe which I share with my fiancee, I have 5 pairs of shoes, and an empty shelving unit because there is quite a lot of space left. And it feels good. Oh, no wooden cats figures, either, no. Just one real cat which sits on the roof next to our window.

This is why I want to share with you those 5 simple tips, which helped me to be happier, and taught me how not to spend so much money, and how to be focused on important things instead of mindless consumption, and a constant depression because of lack of funds to afford things that are valuable – outings with the ones you care about, saving more money to feel more secure and what do you know – I feel amazing. The money I used to spend on designers clothes I can now allocate to buying things from sustainable brands, therefore supporting them and being more conscious.

I know it may sound a bit extreme, but I do not intend to preach – take what you like from this post and feel the difference. It took me two years to declutter my life and be more aware of the environment. Don’t rush. Breathe in, and out.

Minimalism and Sustainability




Man hands signing thumbs up reaching from a big pile of clothes




Blank stuff on white background. Template for design presentations. Branding Mock-Up. Shirt, sneakers, headphones, bottle.

Nobody’s perfect. I still need to declutter my skincare. If I come up with a plan I will definitely share it with you! Let me know about your minimalist story, or maybe you are a maximalist?