Some Nature in London

I know, I know. I haven’t been here for ages but I didn’t have the internet! So, please forgive me.


Hope, you’ll like some pictures of flowers and flowers and…flowers 🙂


Crocus (1 of 1)Flowering Quince macro (1 of 1)Flowering Quince (1 of 1)Hill Garden and Pergola (1 of 1)Hill Garden and Pergola column (1 of 1)Golders Hill Crocus (1 of 1)

London Gladstone Park path (1 of 1)London Gladstone Park Sunrise (1 of 1)Frosty London (1 of 1)

Conspiracy of Lemurs and Mr. Squirrel.

Next time I will take one home.


Lemurs (1 of 1) Squirell (1 of 1)Surprised Lemur (1 of 1)Dinner Lemurs (1 of 1)Lemur cute version (1 of 1)Conspiracy of Lemurs (1 of 1)Grey Squirrel (1 of 1)