Coconut Bowls & 100% rye pastries. 

When I first saw coconut bowls I absolutely loved them, love at the first sight for sure. I was also hyped by all those smoothie bowls everywhere! Of course is nothing wrong with a smoothie bowl but I think I started following a Social Media trend completely forgetting what I really like and what my … Continue reading Coconut Bowls & 100% rye pastries. 

Arrangements for small Apartments

Hello, Everyone! Time for a little project. As you probably know I live in London, where rent is unreasonably expensive and apartment sizes are, well... tiny. I thought I will share with you inspirations on how to arrange a tiny space. This will span a couple posts so stay tuned and you will see how … Continue reading Arrangements for small Apartments


What is Rustic style?  Rustic interiors prove that everything comes full circle. They have a rough-hewn charm that appeals to us in this era of slick  technology and manufactured materials. You won't find here machine polished and shiny materials. Rustic style describes a style with an emphasis on natural, unrefined elements.   Palette Rustic colours? Mother Earth! … Continue reading Rustic

The House Fair 2016, London Olympia.

Happy Saturday everyone!   But, to the point, to the point.I had a pleasure to take part in The House Fair in London Olympia, and now I would like to share with you what I found there, what inspired me and who was my favourite exhibitor! Enjoy and find your inspiration! RAFT My favourite items … Continue reading The House Fair 2016, London Olympia.


What is luxury? If you are interested, I recommend the article about the exhibition.  What is Luxury?- Exhibition. V&A But here, it is more about the luxury at home and what is luxurious for us. For some people luxury is being able to have a relax and peace at home, for others it is being … Continue reading LuxDeco

Interior Design 2016 Trends.

Hey! To start with, I am really sorry for the very long break but my postgraduate dissertation wanted to eat me. But, I am back on track with some fresh ideas which I hope you will like. Is anyone redecorating? Or moving?  I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of the 2016 … Continue reading Interior Design 2016 Trends.