Arrangements for small Apartments

Hello, Everyone!

Time for a little project. As you probably know I live in London, where rent is unreasonably expensive and apartment sizes are, well… tiny. I thought I will share with you inspirations on how to arrange a tiny space. This will span a couple posts so stay tuned and you will see how this project will develop!

Today I want to share with you a few things which inspired me:

I think this is great when you have a small kitchen, especially when you are renting and hanging stuff on walls is problematic.

This is my favourite thing for a workspace in a tiny flat. You don’t need a million things on your desk, and this will definitely keep you out of the shops!


My favourite bed!
Isn’t it beautiful and clever?
I absolutely adore using this shelving unit! It works as a great partition!
This is great. You can even glue it or something like that.

Would you use any of these ideas? I will be moving to the tiny apartment very soon and I need as many tricks as possible! Comment down below with your solutions for small spaces.

Source of images: Pinterest

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Where to get this kind of stuff?


Back To School or Work. Productive Home Office

September! The month when summer holidays are over. Maybe excluding higher education – these lucky people usually still have some time off!. But most of us are ready to go back to work after our school or work holiday.

In my personal opinion, September is an amazing month to be as productive as possible and I feel I can be super focused. Mostly cause I love Autumn and cozy evenings with ginger tea when it’s a bit chilly and rainy outside the window. My brain doesn’t work properly in a heatwave, and this slight drizzle and a bit of wind is something that calms me down.

Speaking of being focused, we need that amazing workspace!

For me, simplicity is key. I need to have almost nothing around. Just my laptop, notebook(s), black pen and the tea. I want to show you some workspace inspirations as well as my own home office space.



1.For someone who doesn’t like white tables.
2.Scandinavian simplicity.
3.This is something I would love to have. So much space.
Home Story
4.Massive cork board, good for a student.




my workspace
My workspace, the 5th 🙂



Tell me about your workspace and what kind of style do you prefer.

I was inspired by Rachel Aust and her Apartment Tour 2016 .


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Cath Kidston (UK)

Autumn 2016















Source: Designers Guild Ltd.

LuxDeco Ltd


What is Rustic style? 

Rustic interiors prove that everything comes full circle. They have a rough-hewn charm that appeals to us in this era of slick  technology and manufactured materials.

You won’t find here machine polished and shiny materials. Rustic style describes a style with an emphasis on natural, unrefined elements.



Rustic colours? Mother Earth!

Many dark greens like khaki, forest leaf, all the browns and sometimes oxblood and very dark blue. But the main one is of course rustic wood colour.



The main material used in this style is unrefined wood, many times people decide to ‘DIY’ their interior, using pallets for example. But apart from wood, hand-stitched fabrics play an important role. Black and green checked throws, linen cushions and embroidered elements.



This style is not for everyone, but if you like warm spaces, somewhere where you can read your 100 books and drink tea, rustic style is perfect for you.



Image source: Pinterest. 


LuxDeco Ltd

The House Fair 2016, London Olympia.

Happy Saturday everyone!


But, to the point, to the point.I had a pleasure to take part in The House Fair in London Olympia, and now I would like to share with you what I found there, what inspired me and who was my favourite exhibitor!

Enjoy and find your inspiration!


My favourite items are definitely leather armchairs. But overall, RAFT presents good quality and affordable furniture.


I Love Produce Candles

Absolutely amazing idea and amazing person at the counter! I will surely purchase their tomato scent candle. Have a look and try, their candles are really original with scents like red wine, coriander, tomato, sage, rosemary, fig and more!

I love produce candles-1I love produce candles candles-1



Another exhibitor with an amazing eye for the detail. Leporello designers produce an exceptional range of painted and polished wood furniture in both contemporary and classic styles. Also, their service includes custom design.



This is my favourite exhibitor. Colours, designs, everything that I love! Visit their website to find out about their open days on the Weekend in Chiswick.


I could not leave with empty hands, right… 🙂


Enjoy 🙂


What is luxury?

If you are interested, I recommend the article about the exhibition.  What is Luxury?- Exhibition. V&A

But here, it is more about the luxury at home and what is luxurious for us. For some people luxury is being able to have a relax and peace at home, for others it is being surrounded by pretty things. Or maybe you need a cashmere blanket to feel the luxury?

Everyone is different.

But I am sure that everyone will agree with me, that LuxDeco and their amazing products are luxurious.

New Metropolitan Luxe Collection is absolutely stunning. I picked my favorites.

This interior is absolutely stunning. Classic but out of ordinary armchairs, big shiny tables and colors! Brown and beige; these colors have always been classy.



Here are some products from the collection:

If you want to make your space more luxurious all the products are available here:  Metropolitan Luxe | Shop A/W Collection

I hope you will like the Metropolitan Luxe Collection and you can find it as an inspiration.

Next post?  Jewellery boxes!


LuxDeco Ltd




Interior Design 2016 Trends.


To start with, I am really sorry for the very long break but my postgraduate dissertation wanted to eat me.

But, I am back on track with some fresh ideas which I hope you will like.

Is anyone redecorating? Or moving?  I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of the 2016 interior design trends, excepting marble accents!

Dark Marble Coffee Table  Have a look here, I think is very useful and practical, especially in small spaces like studio flats or tiny living rooms. But I would also use it as a side bed table.

White Marble Candle Holders A must! I absolutely love them, if you are planning to redecorate your home and you want to be up to date with trends, these candle holders are for you. I already have them and I love them!

Marble Poster If you like to have something on your walls.
Marble Bathroom Accessories Plastic version but they pretend really well.

Marble Duvet Cover Set I would prefer a white version but this one is also amazing. And is not expensive at all!

Okay, enough of marble. What else is very popular in 2016? This year designers decided to bring granny florals into homes. As I mentioned before, I am not the big fan of this trend but maybe you can find something interesting.


Light Blue Floral Sofa Well, I think I need to change my mind… This sofa catches an eye. If you like light and fresh spaces this one is a must.

Multicoloured Floral Sofa If you like pink, go for it.

Catherine Lansfield Floral Curtains Grandma has made strawberry confiture? I don’t why but these curtains bring me a picture of the countryside, strawberries, and an absolute peace.


Ready for your new trendy home?

Let’s start!





Scandinavian Home


I remember I was obsessed with London and (yes I was planning to post some pics of the city today), but what can I say its any 15-year-olds dream to live in a place like this. However when I eventually did move here I realised that London wasn’t for me and I developed a longing for a quiet peaceful countryside.

As you know I’ve been to Norway and since my visit I just cannot get that amazing place put of my head with its picturesque landscapes, amazing home decor, deep rich forests covered in snow and obviously food to die for! But to finally get to the point I just wanted to share some unique home decor ideas.

As I am moving to the new house soon, be prepared for more home decor posts 🙂




Resource: Pinterest.

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