Flyte Drink Review

I always was against energy drinks. Being all about health I do prefer having a good sleep schedule to ingesting caffeine or anything else that boosts my energy levels. I was recently introduced to Flyte, and given that they only contain natural ingredients and are made of 100% organic ingredients (Green Coffee, Maca Root, Griffonia, Schizandra), I decided to give it a go. They come in three flavours: Green Mango, Citrus lemon and Red Berries. My favourite taste was Green Mango, strongly reminded me of Vibovit vitamin sachets, they were all the rage in the early 90’s in Poland – not sure if anywhere else?

What’s good about Flyte:

  • No artificially possessed taurine
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Sugar-free
  • Does not give you dizziness
  • Boosts up your metabolism! Green Coffee, right?
  • I really liked the taste, but this is subjective
  • It contains Maca Root which has a positive effect on hormone balance and is very rich in calcium.

The nays:

  • It’s fizzy. Not everyone can drink fizzy drinks, and it would be great if Flyte could have done a non-fizzy version.

Overall, I am happy that there’s a healthy energy drink on the market, but dear peeps, make sure not to overdose – it’s still caffeine and loads of it are always harmful.

If you want to explore Flyte a little bit more click here.

Flyte DrinkIMG_7298FlyteRed Berries

British Heart Foundation Dechox

Hello Everyone!

This post is about me being on #dechox!

I recently joined British Heart Foundation and their DECHOX action to support research.

Here is my personal Just Giving <– Click here to donate and be one of the supporters!

I really encourage you to do it! It’s a great commitment and you can help to fight heart diseases by helping to fund research!

Let’s start dechoxing together!




If you think dechoxing might be daunting, have a look on my Vegan Waffles Recipe! Sweet, but chocolatess and sugarless.

Comment down below if you are interested in chocolatefree recipes to help you survive #dechox.



Top worst celebrity diets to avoid in 2017, British Dietetic Association.


I am really sorry for being that quiet! But I think I mentioned on Instagram that I have so much going on at the moment, I decided to learn some new things and maybe become a student again.

Following the thought, from now on my blog will be focused on food a little bit more and on organic home made remedies and the companies I support. I am worried about the society falling into some dangerous trend of ‘clean eating’. Well, clean eating is super important but please, we cannot lose our brains in that.

The British Dietetic Association has recently published an article about celebrity diets to avoid. I thought it might be good to share it with you.

Mentioned in the post ‘Clean Eating’.
Who loves it: Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, Deliciously Ella, Hemsley Sisters and Madeline Shaw.
What is the idea of the ‘Clean Eating’: Fans of that lifestyle influence people to avoid all processed foods and eat only ‘clean’ ones. Get rid of refined sugar, cook everything from scratch. Everything perfect, right? But, many of the versions of that diet exclude gluten, dairy and many grains, or cooked meals. Raw till 4 and stuff.
What BDA and me say about it: They’d rather leave cleaning for our kitchen after cooking. Well, excluding refined sugar is absolutely fine, no one needs it but gluten? What? Are you coeliac? Coconut Oil, oh yes we all love it, well, I would suggest to switch to the rapeseed one. I am not saying coconut oil is bad, but please, it is just a trend, rapeseed oil has as many health benefits as coconut oil, and it’s local! Professionals from BDA mentions Orthorexia Nervosa, which is basically an obsession of healthy eating, well over healthy I’d say. Yes guys, please don’t exclude gluten from your diet, it doesn’t plaster your bowel, trust me. Just choose wholemeal! I recommend wholemeal spelt and rye. I am wheat intolerant and these two are amazing and healthy for me!
Diet Pills
Who loves it: Kim Kardashian, Sam Faier.
What is the idea: Do I need to explain?
What BDA and me say about it: BDA says: ‘Warning, danger!’ Me: WTF, PILLS?! REALLY?! Okay, let’s be serious. Please, don’t use any pills without consulting your GP or nutrition professional. Supplements we can buy in Boots or similar drug stores are not properly tested and many times cause diarrhoea because of the senna leaf presence ( Don’t touch senna leaf without asking your GP). If you are having problems with obesity, your doctor will help you with the specific pill, prescribed only for you which suits your needs.
Who loves it: Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner and I think the whole World.
What is the idea? You drink your ‘poo tea’ and basically wash out all good stuff from your body.

Don’t let yourself to fall into the diets trends please, the only thing which is really important is eating healthy and not regretting anything! Let’s change our eating habits and stick to them, without unhealthy overdosing of green juices and ‘poo teas’ .

This pyramid says the truth!


If you want to see other ‘ diets to avoid’ visit British Dietetic Association Website

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