Declutter Your Life. Skin Care.


It took me a while, decluttering. But I think I’m in a good place at the moment, not perfect, but definitely, not horrible.

I would like to share my 5 tips on how to declutter your skin care/beauty products. In a different version: a video.


I also have a little list for you, which you can print, or do whatever you want. Just a little reminder 🙂

Declutter your skin care

Cruelty-Free Makeup


Hello Everyone!

As you probably saw on my Social Media, I decided to add a new posts category: Cruelty-Free Beauty products. Why? Let me tell you what kindled me to start being more aware of the brands I use. We’re all being influenced by someone or something. I must admit that Jenny Mustard  had a big influence on me and since I started watching her videos, something just came to my mind, that I should be more focused on important things rather than buying zillions of items on Ebay, or buying cosmetics without thinking what’s in there or if some living creature actually suffered for me to have that product.

Since this changed, I feel a lot better, I feel that I contribute something to the world, something which isn’t merely a consume-waste type of behaviour. As a person I can do little, but not buying products from huge concerns makes me better. I won’t change anything, but at least I am not giving them my bit of profit.

So from now on, I will be sharing  my experience, reviews and thoughts about 100% Cruelty-Free Beauty products. And I hope you will find something for you 🙂

On the side note, I am also quite experienced with skin problems. I dealt with rosacea, acne, combination skin and now trust me, I walk without a touch of foundation because my skin is nice and clear. All thanks to cruelty-free cosmetics that easily replace the popular brands… And work wonders! If any of these skin problems is something you are currently fighting with, feel free to ask me questions on mentioned topics, but remember, we are talking only cruelty-free brands 🙂

My research (Cruelty-Free Kitty was really helpful)  has shown that my favourite  brand e.l.f (thankfully) is cruelty-free! I’m so happy because I like their lipsticks and mineral powders. Probably will review something soon 🙂

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