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I think we reached the level when we can say it, finally is proper Autumn: red and yellow leaves, a little bit more clouds and sunrise not earlier than 7:05 AM ( How do you like the burgundy detail on my blog?). I might have mentioned couple of times, this is my favourite season. Why? I love the colours, I love the clouds and mornings that are a little bit moody. I am the person who loves cozy interiors, millions of books, checked knitted scarves and enamel mugs with the tea with lemon and honey inside (if vegan, go for a dates syrup ;)). If I had a massive house in the countryside I’m sure that I would be redecorating it every season, but Autumn would be the one I would spend most of the time doing so.

I would like to share with you some of the inspirations for the most beautiful of seasons.

If you are interested, you can find very nice collection here→ Greige.  This isn’t sponsored, I’m just a big fan of Greige products, so stylish and out of ordinary.

Amazing colours.
Cup of warming coffee or chocolate set with autumn leaves and a warm scarf
Cup of warming coffee or chocolate set with autumn leaves and a warm scarf
Isn’t it ideal?

Source: Pinterest

Catch some nice Autumn decor items:

LuxDeco Vase.

Designers Guild Grey Eva Sofa Armchair.

Amara blanket.

Amara checked blanket.

Amara Leafy tea cup. 

Ikea UK also has amazing Autumn decor and furniture! My nearest one is 20 minutes walk, so I will probably redecorate some walls 🙂

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Do you decorate your home when your favourite season comes?


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