The House Fair 2016, London Olympia.

Happy Saturday everyone!


But, to the point, to the point.I had a pleasure to take part in The House Fair in London Olympia, and now I would like to share with you what I found there, what inspired me and who was my favourite exhibitor!

Enjoy and find your inspiration!


My favourite items are definitely leather armchairs. But overall, RAFT presents good quality and affordable furniture.


I Love Produce Candles

Absolutely amazing idea and amazing person at the counter! I will surely purchase their tomato scent candle. Have a look and try, their candles are really original with scents like red wine, coriander, tomato, sage, rosemary, fig and more!

I love produce candles-1I love produce candles candles-1



Another exhibitor with an amazing eye for the detail. Leporello designers produce an exceptional range of painted and polished wood furniture in both contemporary and classic styles. Also, their service includes custom design.



This is my favourite exhibitor. Colours, designs, everything that I love! Visit their website to find out about their open days on the Weekend in Chiswick.


I could not leave with empty hands, right… 🙂


Enjoy 🙂

Wales and Cornwall.



I really want to visit every place in the UK but Cornwall and Wales are definitely on my bucket list for this year. Especially, Tintagel in Cornwall (you might find some information here), as well as Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales.



I hope to visit Cornwall in May and bring some amazing stories and of course; photographs.



Some Nature in London

I know, I know. I haven’t been here for ages but I didn’t have the internet! So, please forgive me.


Hope, you’ll like some pictures of flowers and flowers and…flowers 🙂


Crocus (1 of 1)Flowering Quince macro (1 of 1)Flowering Quince (1 of 1)Hill Garden and Pergola (1 of 1)Hill Garden and Pergola column (1 of 1)Golders Hill Crocus (1 of 1)

London Gladstone Park path (1 of 1)London Gladstone Park Sunrise (1 of 1)Frosty London (1 of 1)

Conspiracy of Lemurs and Mr. Squirrel.

Next time I will take one home.


Lemurs (1 of 1) Squirell (1 of 1)Surprised Lemur (1 of 1)Dinner Lemurs (1 of 1)Lemur cute version (1 of 1)Conspiracy of Lemurs (1 of 1)Grey Squirrel (1 of 1)

This is veeery old.

Accidentally I found my old gallery and decided to post some pictures.

Sometimes I miss winter.