Is Matcha Good for You?

Why Matcha is good for your health? What is so magical about the weird smelly green powder? Let’s find out.

Matcha may not be a superfood but it definitely has super health benefits!

Matcha is a Japanese green tea which is ground into a fine powder. Matcha is known for over 900 years and it has a long tradition in Buddhism, but it gained popularity in the West just recently. Often compared to green tea which health benefits we are well aware of (cancer protection, cardiovascular health protection, weight loss, and so on), but for some reason, it’s picking up real traction. What’s the big deal? The study from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs determined that Matcha has higher catechin concentration than the usual green tea leaves. Matcha also has more caffeine than green tea. That may be interesting to those of you coffee junkies!

Hold on – what is a Catechin?

We all know the overused word antioxidant. Catechins are antioxidants from the group of polifenoles, they are the ones which are the strongest!

It’s good to include matcha in your diet, but as always, don’t overdose! It has a high content of caffeine, one cup a day is enough for you to be content the health benefits it has.

Note: Remember that the source you get your powder is very important, as matcha became extremely popular, companies started producing tons of it, but not every one of them is honest. Just be mindful and do your research before buying. 

I have tested Matcha Tea from The Matcha Reserve and I can recommend it, but as mentioned, do not overdose! Also, this tea is quite good!

P.S Peach flavour is heaven!

Hope the post was informative 🙂


Matcha Accessories:




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TinyTea Final Review

Yeah, finally!

14 days into trying TinyTea, and have noticed many changes, most of which are positive, here are a few of them. I will do it in points so it will be much clearer.


•Skin breakout after one week. But luckily and surprisingly everything was sorted after three days.
•My skin is very clear now, also blackheads have disappeared.
•Skin is a bit dry because of the dehydration. So if you drink TinyTea remember to drinking a lot of water.


•My belly is actually flat. Obviously the tea didn’t burn my fat but I am not as bloated. •Cellulite is not that visible! Seriously. 
•I feel I have much more energy and I am happier!
•I don’t need tons of sweets anymore.

Overall, TinyTea by YourTea helped me with the cleansing my body and the horrible cellulite. I didn’t experience any side effects or dizziness. I would recommend that tea for tea lovers and for people who want to change their lifestyle into the healthiest one. It is a good start: to clean your body and start from the beginning with a green lifestyle!

I am also very keen to try different brand of TeaTox, I will wait a month and probably you will see another review.

Enjoy your cup of tea!




TinyTea by YourTea.



First Day.

As I am a tea addict myself, I have decided to test TinyTea by YourTea. I’ve chosen 14-days Teatox treatment.

Description from :


Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • bloating
  • indigestion
  • problematic skin
  • cellulite
  • increasing energy
  • reducing excess weight
  • gluten free



Contains: Oolong Tea, Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi

I’ve read many comments about TinyTea and its side effects such as ; stomach aches, headache, nausea,etc. However, since giving it a try myself I haven’t experienced any of the following side effects so far.


  • Tastes really good!
  • Pretty packaging (well…)
  • No side effects.


– None. (Yet)


I will continue to be updating my progress with TinyTea, which might be useful for those who would want to try this product but still are having doubts about the product due to the lack of variety in the reviews.