New Wash by Hairstory Day 1 and 2

Hello, Everyone!

I have something new for you.

I am currently testing New Wash Shampoo by Hairstory Studio and I will be doing it for 30 days so I can give you the best review possible.

New Wash is cruelty-free and all bad stuff free.

Producer presents these benefits:

– Aloe juice, and oils of Jojoba seed, Sunflower seed, and Peppermint cleanse instead of detergent.
– Respects hair and scalp
– Preserves color
– Detangles
– Eliminates frizz
– Saves water, time, and money
– No need for conditioner or masque

Day 1

I have bleached hair and very oily scalp, and trust me it’s so horrible to find a good shampoo. So, when Hairstory offered me New Wash to try I was super excited.

Have a look at the video how my hair looks like without any modelling. The last bit of the video is my hair after washing it with a New Wash. No straightening, nothing.


My feelings after the first wash.

  • Smells absolutely amazing
  • Very thick
  • I thought I am washing my hair with conditioner. But that’s not a bad thing
  • I didn’t use the conditioner as my hair were very smooth without it
  • I didn’t experience any itching, which is incredible!
  • I didn’t have to use a straightener because my hair looked pretty nice

One thing which I’m not so sure about is how long your hair can last without washing. So, my hair is greasy the next day 😦 But this may change, maybe my hair will adapt. I am patient so I will be trying to wash my hair every second day to see how it goes.

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