What is luxury?

If you are interested, I recommend the article about the exhibition.  What is Luxury?- Exhibition. V&A

But here, it is more about the luxury at home and what is luxurious for us. For some people luxury is being able to have a relax and peace at home, for others it is being surrounded by pretty things. Or maybe you need a cashmere blanket to feel the luxury?

Everyone is different.

But I am sure that everyone will agree with me, that LuxDeco and their amazing products are luxurious.

New Metropolitan Luxe Collection is absolutely stunning. I picked my favorites.

This interior is absolutely stunning. Classic but out of ordinary armchairs, big shiny tables and colors! Brown and beige; these colors have always been classy.



Here are some products from the collection:

If you want to make your space more luxurious all the products are available here:  Metropolitan Luxe | Shop A/W Collection

I hope you will like the Metropolitan Luxe Collection and you can find it as an inspiration.

Next post?  Jewellery boxes!


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