Interior Design 2016 Trends.


To start with, I am really sorry for the very long break but my postgraduate dissertation wanted to eat me.

But, I am back on track with some fresh ideas which I hope you will like.

Is anyone redecorating? Or moving?  I must admit that I am not the biggest fan of the 2016 interior design trends, excepting marble accents!

Dark Marble Coffee Table  Have a look here, I think is very useful and practical, especially in small spaces like studio flats or tiny living rooms. But I would also use it as a side bed table.

White Marble Candle Holders A must! I absolutely love them, if you are planning to redecorate your home and you want to be up to date with trends, these candle holders are for you. I already have them and I love them!

Marble Poster If you like to have something on your walls.
Marble Bathroom Accessories Plastic version but they pretend really well.

Marble Duvet Cover Set I would prefer a white version but this one is also amazing. And is not expensive at all!

Okay, enough of marble. What else is very popular in 2016? This year designers decided to bring granny florals into homes. As I mentioned before, I am not the big fan of this trend but maybe you can find something interesting.


Light Blue Floral Sofa Well, I think I need to change my mind… This sofa catches an eye. If you like light and fresh spaces this one is a must.

Multicoloured Floral Sofa If you like pink, go for it.

Catherine Lansfield Floral Curtains Grandma has made strawberry confiture? I don’t why but these curtains bring me a picture of the countryside, strawberries, and an absolute peace.


Ready for your new trendy home?

Let’s start!





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