TinyTea Final Review

Yeah, finally!

14 days into trying TinyTea, and have noticed many changes, most of which are positive, here are a few of them. I will do it in points so it will be much clearer.


•Skin breakout after one week. But luckily and surprisingly everything was sorted after three days.
•My skin is very clear now, also blackheads have disappeared.
•Skin is a bit dry because of the dehydration. So if you drink TinyTea remember to drinking a lot of water.


•My belly is actually flat. Obviously the tea didn’t burn my fat but I am not as bloated. •Cellulite is not that visible! Seriously. 
•I feel I have much more energy and I am happier!
•I don’t need tons of sweets anymore.

Overall, TinyTea by YourTea helped me with the cleansing my body and the horrible cellulite. I didn’t experience any side effects or dizziness. I would recommend that tea for tea lovers and for people who want to change their lifestyle into the healthiest one. It is a good start: to clean your body and start from the beginning with a green lifestyle!

I am also very keen to try different brand of TeaTox, I will wait a month and probably you will see another review.

Enjoy your cup of tea!



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