TinyTea by YourTea.



First Day.

As I am a tea addict myself, I have decided to test TinyTea by YourTea. I’ve chosen 14-days Teatox treatment.

Description from http://uk.yourtea.com/ :


Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • bloating
  • indigestion
  • problematic skin
  • cellulite
  • increasing energy
  • reducing excess weight
  • gluten free



Contains: Oolong Tea, Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi

I’ve read many comments about TinyTea and its side effects such as ; stomach aches, headache, nausea,etc. However, since giving it a try myself I haven’t experienced any of the following side effects so far.


  • Tastes really good!
  • Pretty packaging (well…)
  • No side effects.


– None. (Yet)


I will continue to be updating my progress with TinyTea, which might be useful for those who would want to try this product but still are having doubts about the product due to the lack of variety in the reviews.

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